3rd November 2016
9th December 2016

  • Decorative features to suit the style of your home – choose clean-cut lines or a more decorative, traditional
  • Exceptional energy efficiency – Multi-chambered frame cross sections keep cold air out and warm air in for
    maximum technical performance.
  • A+12 –G BFRC Window Energy Ratings (WER) specifications – to meet all needs and budgets
  • Design engineering for built-in security – frames with beads on the inside and the latest locking technology
    for your peace of mind
  • Maximum ventilation – designed to enable air to circulate constantly, keeping your home fresh and appealing
  • The size and colour to suit your home – each window is produced individually. Plus we offer a wide range of
    colours, so you can be sure to find the ideal design
  • Easy to clean and maintain from within your home

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